Since 1973

The D'Orsay Restaurant Pub: A European flair, lively atmosphere, proud of its outstanding reputation. The D'Orsay Restaurant Pub has made a name for itself over the past three decades by offering an international menu at reasonable prices. This represents quite a challenge in an industry where many fail to satisfy the tastes of demanding clients and avant-garde culinary styles. "it's really quite simple", explains the owner, Marcel Veilleux. " We offer both tourists and our regular customers excellent food at an attractive price, served by professionals in either an animated or plush setting depending upon their individual whims."

Thanks to this winning formula since opening in 1973, his establishment remains a figurehead in the industry and continues to be one of the most sought after restaurants in the greater Quebec region. We're situated on the corner of De Buade and Des Jardins in the heart of Old Quebec, across from City Hall and the Notre Dame Basilica of Quebec, a five minute walk from the Château Frontenac. The D'Orsay helps you discover Quebec style hospitality at its best in the very heart of this world renowned patrimonial landmark.

Origin of The D'Orsay



A French officer who lived in Paris from 1801 to 1852.
A cultivated man of the world who became lieutenant of King Louis XVIII bodyguards. Later he joined ranks with Napoleon Bonaparte where he was named director of "des Beaux Arts."

Count Gabriel D'Orsay, known for his exquisite manners, was nicknamed King of the Dandys due to his utmost elegance in both dress and behavior.

It is said that he changed his gloves eight times a day.

As well, being the epitome of style, Count D'Orsay gave his name to a top hat which has since become the familiar logo for The D'ORSAY Restaurant Pub.

  RESERVATION : 418.694.1582
65, rue De Buade, Place de l'Hôtel-de-ville, Vieux-Québec